Meet Glori

Hi, my name is Glori and I am a professional photographer from the Kansas City area. I know you’re thinking where does the food thing come into play? I love to cook and bake and grill and what gives me the most pleasure is shooting images of the food I’ve created. I am a self taught cook and everything I learned, I learned from my Mom. This website is dedicated to her. My specialty in photography is food photography. Please check out my Portfolio website Berkel Design Studio. I have a B.A. in Photography and have been taking pictures all my life. I remember saving Dum Dum sucker wrappers to get my first camera when I was 10.

Here at Apertures and Appetizers, you’ll find a lot of photography and recipes. Some recipes are mine but a lot of what I make and shoot is recipes from other wonderful chefs, cooks, and home cooks. I will always give credit for the recipe wherever it comes from. Part of the challenge for me in shooting food is making the dish look like you want to just jump in and eat it. I also hope to provide some photography tips on how I shot each image for each post.

The equipment I use is primarily a Canon 5D MkII and a Canon 24-105 L series lens. I also use the Canon 7D with either the 17-40 L series lens or a Canon 100mm Macro L series lens. I usually try to use available light but I do have a studio setup and I use the Strobelite 200 watt studio flash units. I use a tabletop studio that I built. That will probably a post in itself someday.

UPDATE: Earlier this year, I decided to sell all of my DSLR equipment and go with a mirror less system. Enter the Fuji XT-1! I have several lenses for the camera and still haven’t decided which I like the best but I hope to narrow that down soon.

Enjoy my website and hopefully you will be inspired to make something delicious to share with friends and family.